Music Course R4I001

The purpose of this music course is to provide equal learning opportunities to every student of the class, irrespective of its probable particularity. A way to cultivate respect and acceptance necessary needed in this class, is to develop interaction through working in groups. Music is a national language, which can be used as a simple way to communicate, but also it can be the mean to improve cooperation and mutual support between the members of the class.

The activities of the Music Course are based on the power of the rhythm combined with the class action. They have a playful character and they are addressed to every student of the class, because no special previous knowledge is needed as a requirement for participation. The same holds for the educator.


The aim of this course is to get familiar with the music activities and the way of their implementation, so to be able to use it in the class of an inclusive school. Further details are give in the syllabus of the course.


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