Course on Game-based Learning Skills R4I005

In this course, participants will have an opportunity to learn about the foundations of Game-based Learning (GBL) including, theories, design aspects, models, tools and processes that may be adopted by teachers for integrating GBL into their teaching practice. The course runs in three Units: Unit 1 presents theoretical foundations, perceptions and definitions of GBL. Unit 2 contemplates on learning models, strategies and approaches to using GBL in the classroom. Unit 3 presents design aspects of GBL for designing GBL activities including serious games and gamification tools as best practice examples for teachers to use and employ in their practice. The course is based on an activity-based design model and adopts a micro-learning approach hence it will encompass mini activities for the participants to be engaged in for a limited amount of time.


The aim of this online course is to elucidate on how Game-based Learning (GBL) and associated practices, tools and resources may be used in teaching and learning. In particular the course objective is to help the participating teachers to understand and use GBL in their own teaching context.

 The overarching question that this course addresses is: “How GBL may be theorised, understood and used in school educational settings?”


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