Course on the Psycho-pedagogical Aspects R4I003

Music and rhythm based activities, body movement, kinetic and dance inspired interventions are well known and evidence-based practices that are commonly used in clinical or psycho-educational and school contexts.

Playing and engaging in rhythmic activities in the context of a stable, structured, and flexible framework is likely to enhance the potential of students, especially those who experience difficulties and vulnerabilities. 

This course explores how music/rhythm based activities including body movement, music and dance therapy can be used as an essential tool, method and strategy to help “vulnerable” children and “children struggling with internal or external difficulties and adversities” at school, in the family or society. 


The art based interventions seek to produce changes at three main levels:

  1. the psychological/ intrapersonal,
  2. the bio-physical/ somatic understanding and
  3. the interactional/ interpersonal level of child/ teenager functioning.


Elias Kourkoutas
I am qualified educator/psychologist. I hold two Bachelor Degrees, one from the department of Primary Education of the University of Patras and one from the department of Psychology of the University of Crete. I also hold a masters degree in special education and I have obtained a PhD in Education/Psychology with a specialisation in health psychology and special education. I Have taught in several educational contexts (University of Crete, Institute of Professional Development, Seminars of continious professional development, mbs college, open university)and participated in several research projects. . My research interests includes children's chronic illnesses and issues related to their psychological well being, students with special educational needs, developmental disorders (autism, mental retardation etc) and developing intervention programmes for parents, teachers and students.
Eleni Tragoulia
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