Course on the Use of Digital Tools to Document and Share Teaching Practices R4I004

This course presents the use of digital tools and services to document and share rythm4inclusion teaching practices.

The course focuses in the use of the Coursevo platform. A learning platform that offers a great variety of online tools and services targeting online learning needs and processes.

The first part of the course describes how one can attend an online course in the coursevo platform. There are basic items found in every online course : Access and register in a course and use available course services like announcements,course syllabus, calendar, gradebook, course structure, discussions, assignments, quizzes, online virtual classrooms etc.

The second part provides usefull information about how an instructor can develop an online course in the Coursevo platform. How to develop, upload and reuse educational resources to build a course.

It is common to organize an online course into modules and provide a simple serial main learning path that a learner should follow for a course. 

This course demonstrates how this can be achieved by defining course units and linking resources in Coursevo.


Use Coursevo learning platform to document and share teaching practices


Coursevo, e-Learning

Senior Software Engineer at the Technical University of Crete. He holds a diploma and an MSc. degree in Computer Engineering from the Electronic & Computer Engineering School of the Technical University of Crete. He joined TUC/MUSIC in 1995 as a researcher and since 2002 he belongs to it's permanent personnel. He has worked in many R&D EU projects and he was involved in the technical coordination and development of various projects including scalable video stream servers, digital TV platforms and digital business service oriented systems. He is the technical coordinator of the Coursevo project. His research interests include Web applications, Database management systems, Multimedia content management and delivery systems and e-learning platforms.
Graduated from the Computer Science Department of the School of Sciences and Engineering at the University of Crete. Holds a MEng from the School of Electronic and Computer Engineering at the Technical University of Crete. His current work focuses on the design, implementation and evaluation of creativity/learning platforms and applications, interoperability support in eLearning systems, and computer science education.
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