Dance Course R4I002

In this course we aim to create an environment that allows all students to be a part of learning through rhythm and movement. A compliment to traditional teaching methods.


We are focusing on using our bodies to create rhythm and through that get a better understanding of what each individuals needs are.


We aim for this to be a place where young students can find focus and concentration to take part and learn how to manage their energy levels to benefit their traditional schooling. The hope is that this will enhance their capabilities to take part in a more traditional studying environment.


A safe space where we can all develop no matter our starting point. The exercises are developed through movement, rhythm and play, to make the students want to join in, no matter pre-existing conditions such as a diagnose or not.


In this course we use rhythm and movements as a compliment to traditional education. We aim to create a richer learning environment that stimulates imagination through physicality and rhythm and leads to a more thorough learning process. 


This course is available to everyone, not only those with prior dance experience. The goal is simply to enhance curricular understanding through rhythm and movement.


Dance, Rhythm

Jessica Engberg
Erika ONeill
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